When a project is finished, we archive the page layout files, fonts, and art at two remote locations. We also maintain on site postscript files used for printing the book and a copy of the original book that you will have supplied. In this way, we always have ready access to the files and a current copy of the files from later printings with corrections in place. We are here to help for new printings, new editions, and in the case of dire emergencies.

Nobody can predict how electronic markets will evolve or solidify into economic opportunities for publishers. The best tactic, therefore, is to keep all options open and be prepared to respond as technology evolves.
     With Generic projects, your options are kept open: we can download any book from our archives in various formats (HTML, SGML, Kindle, Nook, etc.) on request. In this way, you can take advantage of e-opportunity as it knocks.

As an extension of our policy of not charging for AAs, we also do not charge for reprint corrections. However, you should specify corrections clearly as you would on the pre-production manuscript.
     Make your corrections on tear sheets or photocopies of the book and send us these marked up pages. We will reopen the files, make the indicated corrections, and send PDF files as replacements for the various pages. And, should the corrections flow over onto additional pages, we will confirm the reflow against our copy of the existing book.

For further information, please email us, including your name, affiliation, and areas of interest, and we will get back to you quickly.

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