Editing and Copyediting

Editing can be extremely variable and therefore is the hardest aspect of book production to control.
     While we all like to impose our own views, rules, and style on someone else's writing, the job is to eliminate distractions to communication (errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency) so that this book can reach its broadest possible audience—not to create a different book. This philosophy was explained by Ellen Fuchs Thorn, the director of Quality Control and managing editor of Generic Compositors:
    "During my nineteen years as managing editor for a major university press and my six years with Generic, I learned to match freelance skills to the specific needs of thousands of titles. Some, like Falling in Love with Wisdom (Karnos and Shoemaker, eds.), contained informal personal essays describing how various philosophers found their vocations; inappropriate editing would have ruined the presentation. An anthology like Women's Realities, Women's Choices(two editions), by the Hunter College Women's Studies Collective needed patches to hold separate chapters together; but integrating the text into one voice would have detracted from the Collective's intent. Furman (Turning Point,a medical trade title about menopause), may have needed advice about where to provide more explanation and less jargon for the layman. Books like Kathleen Hall Jamieson's manuscripts— Dirty Politics, Beyond the Double Bind—began as outlines that needed fleshing out. Gourse, author of Madame Jazz,does not write like Duchin, author of Future of the Environment;and they shouldn't be edited to sound as though they do—not if they're going to reach their separate audiences.
         "There aren't many people in publishing today with editing experience as broad or long as mine or a track record of satisfying academic and trade authors and editorial staff while maintaining editorial standards. These skills and contacts have been integrated into the Generic approach to full-service projects. I'm certain you'll appreciate our work."
Please let us show you our flexibility and talent by sending us one of your books for full-service.

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