Full Service

When you select Generic as your full-service provider, we become your staff for that selected project and we apply your standards to its review, revision, design, editing, and composition. You make no commitment to increased overheads or headcount.
     There are two times when this is necessary: when you must increase capacity without committing yourself to increased staff, or when you want to explore a new area of business without long-term investment.

Increasing your capacity
You may need to expand your capacity when your list is growing more rapidly than your staff, when your staff has been reduced, or when seasonal demands overload your permanent staff.
     A growing list means that new books are being produced in advance of hiring sufficient staff (the unheard-of alternative is that sufficient staff is hired in advance and allowed to wait for new materials!). Or a special event or unexpected project forces you to juggle your priorities and schedules. As a result, some books must wait until growth slows, staff is expanded, or Generic is called.
     A second situation occurs despite the fact that EDP staff is usually stable: there still will be some turnover and remaining staff cannot divide up all the work. Projects start falling behind until the staff is brought back to strength or you turn to Generic.
     A need for increased capacity commonly occurs with books that have narrow marketing windows. For instance, the college window of November-January or the fall trade window create times when your EDP staff simply cannot handle all the books demanding attention.
     When your schedules cannot be met with your current staff, rely on Generic's track record to pick up your overload. Our management with sixty years of inhouse publishing experience understands your needs, our quality-control staff ensures that your standards will be maintained on the project, and our book designers and editors are the best in the business.

Developing new markets
You may want to buy a list, explore a new market, or revive an inactive publishing effort without committing yourself to additional staff. In these situations, you need to rely on someone with the requisite publishing skills in the target markets.
     Generic has experience and can help you in the academic and trade markets of economics, business, sociology, psychology, physics, chemistry, medicine, music, philosophy, literature, and history.
     In terms of publishing skills, we are professionals in project planning, development, design, editing, composition, art, proofreading, and indexing.
     We can attend your meetings, make presentations to authors or management, work with you to develop plans for electronic or alternative formats, and handle the entire production process.

Misconceptions about full-service
Some people believe that full-service suppliers will produce books more quickly than in-house operations by cutting corners.
     At Generic, we take pride in the quality of our craft and allow no corner-cutting. We canproduce faster, however, because your low-priority book is our high-priority project. If you were to concentrate all your efforts on a smaller part of the publishing process or on a shorter list, your in-house operation also could produce a specific book faster.
     Another misconception about full-service suppliers is that a book can be produced more cheaply than through in-house efforts.
     Generic does not pay midtown rents, but we use professional resources comparable to those you would use. Your savings lies in not having to invest in equipment, staff, training and project supervision, and other long-term resources.

     A third expectation is that full-service suppliers have silver bullets and can succeed where others fail.
Generic actually has three silver bullets. We are small (our editors, designers, and typographers work together); we are cooperative (our people interact to solve problems); and we integrate editing, design, and production so that these tasks are done only once—correctly.

Success with full service
To be successful with full service, it is imperative to set up a win-win situation. To do this, you must review your options realisticallyand select a project that needs additional resources. Then invite us in to discuss it. We will listen, make suggestions, and develop a plan that will meet your goals and allow evaluation of our performance throughout the project.
      Once we have gained your commitment to this plan, we will review the project on a continuing basis and keep you informed of progress. This continual review and reporting process is a safety net that reinforces commitment to the plan, alleviates anxiety, rewards proper performance, and allows us to meet ourgoal. Our goal is simple: to meet or exceed your expectations, because only in this way can we ensure that you are satisfied on completion and will continue to use Generic to fulfill your full-service needs.

For further information, please email us, including your name, affiliation, and areas of interest, and we will get back to you quickly.

Generic Compositors
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