Introducing Generic

Generic Compositors, a division of Stonecrest Industries, has been a provider of quality typography at competitive prices for almost a decade. We are committed to the standards of quality and elegance established in the nineteenth century, at prices that also harken back to that time. We review kerning tables for each typeface in every project. We use ligatures, true small caps, and oldstyle figures when called for. We can read and implement complex designs.
    Generic may not be unique—the development of PCs and software such as Quark and Illustrator has spawned many new type houses—but we believe we are among the best of the industry. Our balance of price and schedule will satisfy your need for productivity; and our preoccupation with quality demonstrates a professionalism that will satisfy your most demanding author or marketplace.

Our market
Generic specializes in one-color books for academic and professional trade markets published by university presses and commercial publishers.
     These books, currently sold to libraries and professional bookstores, will find a higher percentage of sales from electronic versions in the future. To help you tap this market, we maintain secure archival storage for all projects and we support their translation into HTML. Rather than be concerned that electronic media are a threat to traditional publishing, we consider them as evolutionary steps in information processing and a way to increase the reading public. We can help you reach this expanding market.

Our competition
Generic competes with both traditional phototypesetting houses and the plethora of new desktop operations.
     Like traditional typesetters, we create electronic files by keyboarding and scanning as well as by converting author-generated disks. We also create art and music and we lay out complex tables. Though our cost and schedule performance are more akin to the practice of desktop operators, our knowledge of publishing is broader and deeper. We won't deliver first proofs filled with widows, hyphen stacks, rivers, letter spacing, uneven spreads, or poorly placed art. We understand page layout and we know how to put the elements together.
     By matching the quality and professionalism of traditional compositors with the price and speed of desktop operations, we offer you an ideal opportunity to meet new challenges. And unlike both the old-line comp house and the novice desktopper, we are an enthusiastic partner in the electronic publishing process.

Other composition services
More publishers want to be editing on screen than have in-house personnel and freelancers ready to take on the tasks of complex coding and layout of tables and mathematics. We can work with a combination of your disks for text and your hardcopy for math and tabular matter.
     Or we can provide you with "double-spaced" galleys typeset to your specifications, for your designer and production editor. Because we never charge for alterations, you will be able to amend design elements, edit more quickly and thoroughly, and review the material more completely without financial penalty as your staff develops its electronic expertise.
     Many projects require personalized fonts (e.g., special characters like Greek breathing symbols). Traditionally, these special characters required hand placement at significant cost. Now, we can provide your books with customized letters or symbols at minimal cost.
     Mathematics is a typesetting challenge—neither SGML nor Quark allow for setting professional-quality mathematics. While TEX sets elegant mathematics, TEX pages must be individually laid out and are very expensive. To save you this expense, we are now a beta site for the integration of TEX into Quark—we can provide TEX-quality math at a Quark price.
     When you must increase capacity without committing to increased staff or want to explore a new venture without long-term investment, consider our full-service support. Rely on Generic's ten-year track record to pick up your overload. Our management, with sixty years of inhouse publishing experience, understands your needs; our quality-control staff ensures that your standards will be maintained; and our book designers, editors, proofreaders, and indexers are the best in the business.

Our marketing approach
Our market has been wonderfully supportive of Generic: we appeal to potential clients based on schedule and price, and we continue to do business with them based on our quality and professionalism. We rarely are rejected in our initial approach and we don't lose clients often to other sources.

We retain our clients through these essential steps:

  1. We train our people to Generic methods and standards. This training effort continues and expands as new demands develop.
  2. Every project at Generic is scrutinized by our quality-control staff. This effort is people-intensive and cannot be delegated to technology. Quality control continues to be nurtured.
  3. A major challenge for any business is to balance growth and capacity—too often a business goes after new clients at the expense of current ones. At Generic, new business is solicited only when current clients are satisfied.
  4. At Generic, we want customers who are more than merelysatisfied: we want customers who are so pleased that they become advocates.

For further information, please email us, including your name, affiliation, and areas of interest, and we will get back to you quickly.

Generic Compositors
152 Starheim Road
Stamford, NY 12167
607 652-BOOK (2665)
815 346-5272 (fax)
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