Typesetting Costs


Knowing the average cost of typesetting one book will not help to predict the cost of another —there are simply too many variables. In the recent past we have set books for as little as $3.25 per page and for as high as $26.89, disproving the belief that "a book is a book is a book . . ."
     We will be glad to give you a quotation for any project you might have, but the following are general factors that impact on cost.

Physical condition

  • number of keystrokes in text
  • number of keystrokes in notes
  • the selection and proper use of the word processing program (number of files, use of options)
  • number of keystrokes that must be scanned or typed
  • cleanliness of the manuscript
  • appropriate presentation of text, notes, captions, art, logs, etc.
  • extent of editing corrections
  • amount of local formatting
  • extent of dialect
  • extent of dialogues
  • extent of lists
  • nature of mathematical notation
  • amount of cross-referencing
  • use of special characters and other font requirements
  • editing accuracy and consistency
  • the camera-readiness of art
  • amount and nature of revision needed in author-generated art
  • quantity, nature, and complexity of art to be created
  • number of halftone art for position only
  • number of tables
  • use of spanners and sections
  • complexity
  • table width
  • source of design (should we design the book, use the design of a book we had previously set, match an existing book, or use your new specifications)
  • thoroughness of specifications
  • number of design elements
  • complexity of design
  • necessity for local manipulation of design elements
  • the use of old style figures
  • changes to running heads

The best cost control technique in publishing is to try to produce a quality product at each stage of the game—doing it right the first time around will save both time and money!

For further information, please email us, including your name, affiliation, and areas of interest, and we will get back to you quickly.

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