Use of PDF Files

Electronic Files for Manufacturing
A printer can make plates directly from electronic files, automatically eliminating the cost, problems, and generational deterioration of camera copy and film. With this technology, every project can display maximum resolution
     PostScript electronic files are device-independent— they can be used by any printer and cannot be easily altered. Text flow and appearance is the responsibility of the compositor, while imposition and positioning of pages is the responsibility of the printer—the division between the compositor and the printer is clean and straightforward. Generic has used PostScript files exclusively since the early 1990s.
    The main application for processing PostScript files is Adobe Actobat™ that Generic Adopted in 1994. Acrobat files (.pdf) eliminate tweaking necessary with other workflows, many printers give a discount for properly prepared .pdf files. Generic is in this select situation, and proud of our designation as a Thomson-Shore preferred compositor.  


  • If your goal is a high resolution file, use Generic's PostScript files. They are stable, do not compromise the compositor's proprietary interest, and do not infringe on the copyright laws.
  • If your goal is to be able to make corrections in reprints, use Generic. We have been in business for nearly a decade and plan to stay around for another; we maintain archival copies of all projects in a bank vault as well as on our premises; and we provide reprint corrections quickly and at no charge.
  • If your goal is to have a copy of the keystroking for a future revision, ask Generic to download the file into the author's word processing system. We will gladly download ASCII or word processing files on request at no charge.

For further information, please email us, including your name, affiliation, and areas of interest, and we will get back to you quickly.

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