Typesetting Schedules

Schedules for typesetting books at Generic are surprisingly consistent: assuming that there is no extensive art or table program, turnaround time for first pages is usually 3 weeks if the author has supplied a disk or 4 weeks if the project needs to be keystroked. Second pages and repro/printer files usually have a maximum 1-week cycle.

Preparing the manuscript
Three events start shortly after receipt of a project: our layout department creates templates, styles, and sample pages based on your design specifications and examples; a single font is created to meet the needs of your project; and electronic files are generated that match the edited manuscript, art, tables, notes, and captions.
     As a quality check of these three stages, we run galleys for proofreading against the edited manuscript. This is the first time that the layout styles and typeface can be used with the corrected manuscript (text, notes, art, tables, and captions)—earlier review would miss the opportunity of checking styles and kerning: later review could cause the pages to be reflowed. Quality in these initial stages of your project saves both time and money!
     In addition, galleys guarantee that everything is in order so the final review can focus on page layout.

Laying out first pages
Page layout demands focus. Because we work with clean files, we do not need to stop, correct a typo, check the size of an element, and then try to remember where we were. We are confident that the elements are correct and can concentrate on the geometry of the page and the flow of the text. Not only is this is a delight, but the text seems to flow more evenly when laid out in this manner.
     Likewise, because the minutiae has been taken care of, the final quality check of first pages is able to focus on spreads and on what frustrates quality-oriented publishers: word- and hyphen-stacks; rivers and widows; the amount of text following heads near the bottom of the page; superscript sizing; use of ligatures; loose lines, and the placement of figures, tables, and footnotes.

The legacy of first pages
First pages from Generic are remarkably clean and match your specifications. They are easier and quicker for you and your author to review. Granted that no one has control over the author, but we believe you will find the first-page review cycle proceeds quickly with Generic pages.
     Because final corrections are minimal, the turnaround time to revised pages is quick and schedules are maintained throughout the production cycle.

For further information, please email us, including your name, affiliation, and areas of interest, and we will get back to you quickly.

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